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June 20 2018

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June 10 2018

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June 09 2018

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A Mt. Everest Timelapse Combines a Decade of Himalayan Explorations

Adventurer and filmmaker Elia Saikaly has attempted to scale Mt. Everest seven times. Twice he has reached the mountain’s summit, while other times he has survived avalanches, an earthquake, and other life-affirming events during his climbs. Saikaly’s latest short film is a combination of footage from a decade worth of trips to Mt. Everest and the Himalayas. The collected timelapse videos explore several aspects of the climb, from shots of lights inside the small tents pitched for frigid nights, to brilliant star formations and unexpected waves of cloud cover. You can read more about his adventures, and the making of this video in particular, on his blog. (via Vimeo Staff Picks)


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June 07 2018

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May 28 2018

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May 21 2018

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May 06 2018


April 27 2018


The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)
— Day vs. Night

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parallel life goals

April 23 2018

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